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Registration Questions

How do you I enter MMJ Aquathon?

Registrations  available at aquathon.com.au Click the links within and you will be directed to registernow Australia’s leading multisport entry portal.


Entry fees and terms

Refer to Event Info page for full breakdown of entry fees, and terms.

Does entry include personal insurance?

No, Activate Events has it’s own comprehensive event insurance though personal accident insurance is not included in the registration fee. All participants in Aquathon are advised to take out personal accident insurance suitable for participating in a ride such events, refer to your private health insurer or affiliate club/association. This insurance is optional but highly recommended.

Can Teams or Groups Enter?

Absolutely. Teams are made up of a two people, where one is the swimmer and the other a runner, relay style. You complete the safe course as individuals but twice the fun! Category divisions apply refer to each event page. Both receive entry and medals. Note the entry fee is ‘per team’ not per person:)

When completing your registration, you will be asked if you are registering as an individual or team. If registering for a team, you should enter the name of a team you wish to be part of.

GROUPS- The more the merrier! There’s no official group entry.  Simply get as many friends, family or work mates, enter any mix of events and get together on the day. Get your kit on a make it a fun gathering.

What if I need to cancel or cannot make it on event day?

Registration is partly refundable as per terms (refer Event Info page)

Can I swap my entry?

You cannot swap an individual entry as this waivers your registration. On request a swap of entry can occur within 7 days of event proceeding for a fee of $20. Teams can swap a swimmer or runner at no cost but must notify event organisers in writing.

WATER Safety, Cancellation, Weather

    Will the event be cancelled?

    Covid – please refer to website ‘events info’ page for covid related entry terms.

    Weather events – Highly unlikely. The event is planned to proceed at near all conditions, so be prepared with hot, wet to windy – it’s summer but anything can happen. Safety comes first and organisers reserve the right to change/modify or cancel an event distance on the day.

    Storms- delayed start unless deemed to unsafe. Storm water run off may occur in the harbour, though typically moves quickly given large body of water. Swimmers use own discretion

    Swell – Wollongong harbour typically sheltered but can be impacted by rough seas and winds. Normally flat to choppy.

    Kids – Parents/guardians. Each year hundreds of kids take part and our finish rate is over 99% – and with a big smile. We place safety first, though please ensure your child can swim the required distance, and in open water. Parents with children U10 can follow alongside in the swim (back of pack) and support their child.

    Other- In 21 years Aquathon has proceeded, though like any outdoor event unforeseen circumstances can occur. Organisers follow a strict risk management process and reserve the right to delay, stop, modify or cancel any event/distance for safety. This would be our last option.


    Water safety?

    Swim safety is extremely important and we pride ourselves on having hundreds of children safely finishing each year. Our lifesavers go all out to ensure a safe swim, close to shore and escorted. We do ask parents must ensure their child/ren can safely swim the distance without support. All children must listen to the swim manager, follow lifesaver decisions and wear the swim cap.

    Whilst Wollongong Harbour is mostly protected though it can be exposed to winds, rain and is tidal. Lifesavers will determine the best course for safety and decide on most suitable swim course on event day.

    Water quality is normally very good, though wind, rain, storm can reduce the quality, with storm water run off. Individual choice to swim or choose not to


    Covid Information and Safety

    Activate Events is committed to ensure Aquathon is as safe as possible and has submitted a COVID safety plan to NSW Health to help ensure participant and community safety.

    Please observe the following

    • All participants must submit their phone number when registering.
    • The event is outdoors and has a large area, very well ventilated.
    • Indoor masks are required for registration only though optional at any time.
    • QR code check in at registration is required.
    • The event Results will not be posted on sheets but posted online ASAP after the event.
    • We will have dedicated COVID safety marshals at the registration area.
    • Please maintain physical distancing where possible.
    • Please use hand sanitiser available at registration.
    • Once you cross the finish line, we kindly ask that you collect your personal belongings quickly and vacate the start and registration areas.
    • Please contact our customer service team if you have undertaken a COVID-19 test with a positive result within 7 days of Aquathon 2022 and/or if you have undertaken a COVID-19 test and awaiting results. You will require proof of testing and/or results. Via facebook message or info@aquathon.com.au

    What if the event gets cancelled due to Covid19?

    • We will do our best to ensure Aquathon 2022 proceeds!
    • If the Event is cancelled due to COVID-19 and alternate dates are unavailable, a credit for the full Event entry fee will be provided against the entry fee for the 2023 Aquathon only.
    • Refunds or credits will not be made for any additional items purchased, such charitable donations.
    Preparation Tips

    2022 KIDS GUIDE


    Aquathon program (Long Aqua)


    Aquathons are fun, safe, achievable and a great all-round workout. You don’t need any fancy equipment or to be part of a club to participate. Aquathons are the perfect entry to the sport of triathlon or simply a great fitness challenge no matter your sports background.

    Getting Started:

    Allow 3-6 weeks for short events and 5+ weeks preparation for longer and beginners.
Base your training program on your level of experience and event goal – race or fun event. Seek out expert advice or local swim/ triathlon/run club who offers training sessions.

    Get a friends involved or work group and practice together for motivation.
Select appropriate goggles, swim wear, and practice and get comfortable

    Two weeks out try running after you have been swimming – this will get your legs used to switching from swimming to running
Consider elastic laces to make putting on shoes after the swim easier

    Don’t forget your nutrition, stretching, and adding some strength work

    Swim Tips:

    For novice swimmer, try and get a few swim lessons it really helps.
Consider an open water beginners group, triathlon or running club to assist.

    Get the feel for open water swimming – start with ocean/rock pool, and move to flat water or safe surf/beach venue.
Seek advice from friends whom are familiar with open water swimming or local expert advice, local swim coaches, surf/ triathlon clubs or services as Oceanfit in Sydney.

    A great workout can be multiple shorter swim (pool or open water) and run. Wetsuits may be a good option to assist for an easier (and warmer) swim.
Build up to be able to get past the distance you have entered.


    Tips for preparing your child for Aquathon

    • Make sure your child is capable of swimming and running/walking the required distance
    • Base the event on fun, participation and supporting your child’s efforts
    • Get your child used to ‘open water swimming’ – take them to an ocean pool, beach, lake or harbour
    • Visit Wollongong harbour as a family and jump in the water to get them familiar with the venue
    • Walk or run the course – bring the family or the dog and make a morning out of it!
    • Talk positively about the event in the days leading up – encourage your child and let them know you will be there supporting them every step of the way
    • Think of the event as 3 components: the swim, getting changed into your joggers and the run!
    • Encourage friends and family to also enter so your child will see familiar faces (remember there is a 20% discount for family members!)
    • Practice using the swimmers, goggles and runners that will be worn on event day – so that your child will be comfortable on event day
    • Watch the Event Video on our website so your child can see what event day looks like


    Start and Finish Services


    Registration, amenity block, cafe, event services


    Start Area

    Water safety, first aid, event / professional services

    On course water stations

    * note – we encourage ‘contact-less’ water station. If possible please run/use own water carry bottle/backpack

    – North beach: 1k mark of run course (Kids/Mini turn), Short / Long / Run pass on way out and way back

    – Long Aqua Mid way at fairy meadow

    – Finish line

    Finish Line:
    Located on Cliff Road, same as start venue.

    First Aid:
    Event first aid is on standby at the start, on course (mobile) and at the finish line provided by a team of qualified staff. If you require assistance please ensure to approach first aid on site or water safety. Emergency services are on standby.

    Timing Chip Return:
    Once you pass the finish chute, firstly ensure to remove your timer tag (velcro ankle strap) and place in containers allocated.

    Refreshment zone:
    Proceed to the official participants ‘recovery area’ for fruit and water. Parents: please ensure to keep an eye on your children and assist to locate you.


    Our social media photographer will be on site and taking lots of snaps we will put up on our fan page.

    Official finish line photography: tbc


    Partner & Stalls:


    Parking and Road closure

    New for 2022. Huge increase in onsite parking…

    Road closure…

    Kids and parents


    Aquathon events are generally considered very safe and accessible for most children ages 7yrs+ with a little bit of preparation beforehand.

    Since the start of Aquathon thousands have taken part, and each year hundreds of kids take part safely.

    Organisers go to great lengths to ensure participant safety, though parents and children should ensure they are prepared, understand the event risks and practice before hand.

    Make sure you are comfortable meeting the minimal swim distance of your event.
Parents are allowed to accompany/support their children for that are U10 years old.

    Organisers have chosen Wollongong harbour and have introduced a number of safety precautions to make the event the safest it can possibly be.


    Refer to registration FAQ

    What happens at the Swim Start?

    • Make your way to the sand with your swimmers, goggles, swim cap and timing chip on your left ankle
    • Line up on the sand fin your age category flag. Listen to instructions.
    • Listen to swim safety talk
    • Swimmers wear bright swim caps – divided into age/gender/team colour groups
    • The course is set with large visible markers
    • Lead lifesaver will paddle the course to demonstrate
    • Kids swim goes ~ 50/60m off shore, rectangle course
    • Experienced lifesavers monitor the swim


    • The swimmer lines up with the other team swimmers in the same way as individual participants.
    • Tag Team runner should wait for the swimmer at the ‘Team Change Area’ as advised (TBC) either in the ‘Kids zone’ or on shore near swim exit stairs (based on tide)

    Where does my child go after finishing the swim?

    Once you finish the swim, you walk or run to the ‘Change Area’ or to your ‘tag team runner’ if a team participant.

    Find your running shoes and pop them on. Leave your goggles and swim cap behind then make your way to the run course on the Blue Mile.

    Where is the Kids run course?

    The Kids Aqua run course is a 1km out and back (2km total) following the flat, wide ‘Blue Mile’ cycle path to North Beach and back – spectacular!!!
Once you reach the North Wollongong Surf Club, grab a drink of water then turn around and head back to the finish line. The course is well marked with on course marshals.


    What if my child does not finish the swim?

    Our success rate is over 98%! Kids are supported and encouraged the whole way…if though they are not up to the full swim,
THAT’S OK, simply exit the water and continue the event
(age awards will not apply).


    Can I swim or run with my child?

    • Yes, adults can swim or run with children under 10 to make them feel more comfortable and confident.
    • Parents are to avoid interfering with other children
    • NO parents inside the ‘Change Area’ unless your child is U10
    • Parents are to take responsibility for their child once the event is completed.



    • Cross the line under the finish arch
    • Grab a medal – awesome work!
    • Grab a drink
    • Find your parents/guardian at the exit gate*
    • Enjoy cheering everyone else, an celebrate the fun and achievement



    What’s  relay team?

    It’s the same event as the Aquathon but double the fun- one is the swimmer, the other a runner, relay style.

    Same distance/event as individuals.


    Refer to fee schedule. Teams are priced per team (not per member)

    How do you enter?

    Enter via the online registration, and select ‘create’a team option.

    • Select a team name.
    • Select your distance
    • Enter team details
    • Payment

    Where do relay team’s go?

    Relay team swimmer begins on shore, runner waits in the ‘Change Area’ to tag swimmer.Listen to announcer and refer site maps

    Do we get two time chips?

    NO. The velcro strap needs to be swapped from swimmer ankle to runner’s ankle. Like a relay baton. Tip: swimmer stand still, let runner do the swap from your ankle to thier ankle.

    Do we get two finisher medals?

    Sure do! Make sure runner gets 2 x medals at finish line

    Do we get awards?

    Yes for category winner. Each distance (except MINI,) has team categories. Some are gender/age based and some mix/open gender/age based. Teams are awarded medals as per each event award category page.



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